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The brewing industry is a strong pillar of the European economy with more than 2.3 million jobs linked with this industry. Today it is facing unprecedented challenges as the competition increases and the consumers are more demanding than ever. To remain competitive, breweries need to invest in solutions that may increase their productivity, cut costs and adapt quickly to what the market desire. HYDRACTFLEX vision is to introduce a new production paradigm concept – Flex Supply – that will enable for the first time integrated: High Gravity brewing, Just-In-Time production and inline mixing of beers, directly from the bright beer tanks, increasing productivity and decreasing costs for the end-user. HYDRACTFLEX will leverage a technological synergy between complementary innovations of technology providers (water-based actuators/valves (KMR), control software (ProLeiT) and monitoring sensors (ACM)) to offer a full package capable of regulate/control the new process with unprecedented precision, which is indispensable to unlock the full potential of Flex Supply. The overall aim is to mature and prove full functionality and benefits of the integration of the three core technologies that together will enable the Flex Supply concept, in the context of a full-scale demonstration, at Carlsberg (Fredericia, DK). The full-scale demonstration will overcome the remaining market barriers, while prove: reductions in costs, materials usage, energy demand, CO2 footprint, product losses; increases in flexibility and productivity; and enhanced beverage safety. HYDRACTFLEX will have a significant impact on the partners competitiveness and visibility. The partnering with a leading player is already a tremendous validation of the potential of our solutions and will be the definitive leverage for the market uptake, primary in the brewing industry, and later in other sanitary industries where precise regulation is fundamental, e.g. dairies, soft drinks, etc.


H2020-EU.3. - PRIORITY 'Societal challenges

H2020-EU.2.1. - INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP - Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies


EIC-FTI-2018-2020 - Fast Track to Innovation (FTI)

Hydract is a company with a patented and revolutionary process valve. We are located in the Western part of Jutland in Denmark.

Our product is unique and if you want to see how we will effect the world take a look at our webpage. WWW.HYDRACT.DK

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