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Welcome to Carlsberg

In 1811, Jacob Christian Jacobsen, the founder of Carlsberg, enters the world. When his father dies in 1835, J.C. Jacobsen takes over as a brewer. J.C. was born to brew. Driven by his passion for beer and an early interest in the natural sciences, J.C. Jacobsen sets out on a lifelong journey to improve the quality of beer. His first stop is Bavaria where he studies the brewing techniques for a new beer at Gabriel Sedlmayr's zum Spaten brewery in Munich. In the summer of 1845, carrying two pots of Spaten yeast in a customised hat box, J.C. returns to Denmark by stagecoach.

On this long journey, he keeps the yeast cool by stopping frequently and dousing it with cold water. J.C. Jacobsen's first batches of lager are made in his mother's copper wash basin. They are refined in his brewery till he gets them just right.  This new lager needed a new brewery with larger cool storage space. Taking the name of his five-year-old son, Carl, and the Danish word for hill, "bjerg", he builds his new brewery just outside Copenhagen. With that, Carlsberg is born in 1847. International approval came just 21 years later when the first Carlsberg beer was exported to Great Britain.


the pioneers of optical concentration measurement technology for the brewing and beverage industry.

ACM was founded in 1982 as an engineering association. Our fields of activity are: Automation of industrial processes, Computer technology for data capture and processing, Measuring systems for process and laboratory .

ACM develops and manufactures the majority of the measuring systems itself. Measurement parameters are Brix, density, original wort, alcohol and dissolved CO2. All user programs and software solutions are proprietary developments. End customer groups are exclusively the beverage, brewery and food industries.

ProLeiT - a success story

Welcome to ProLeiT. If you are looking for state-of-the-art solutions for industrial automation, process control technology and manufacturing systems (MES), then look no further. As an independent software manufacturer of the PLC-based process control systems Plant iT and brewmaxx, we support controllers from Siemens, Rockwell Automation and VIPA.

Integrated process visualisation, pre-configured automation objects, modules for continuous materials management and standard ERP interfaces are just a few examples of the uniqueness of our solutions. In contrast to simple HMI and SCADA solutions, our products promote the philosophy "Parameterisation instead of programming".

Discover more about us and our products, and understand what we are seeking to achieve. More than 1,800 production facilities in over 100 countries use our process control systems to automate their processes. We are one of the world's leading providers of solutions for the brewing and dairy industry.

 Hydract story klik here 

Hydract is a company with a patented and revolutionary process valve. We are located in the Western part of Jutland in Denmark.

Our product is unique and if you want to see how we will effect the world take a look at our webpage. WWW.HYDRACT.DK

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